Why Read This?

You should read this blog for the same reason I should write this blog: to re-calibrate our place in the world. For all I know, you are the happiest person on earth, dunked in karma so gold it is amazing you are not locked in the vault every time you go to the bank. [Does anyone actually go to a bank anymore?] But even if you are at peace, have no fears, are able to give and receive love, never feel like flipping off the driver ahead of you, are secure in all your relationships, had an undamaged childhood, know what to make for dinner every night, and (worthy of a second mention) have no fear, we can all be even more golden if we take a moment to consider another’s point of view, reconsider our own views, and accept that our lives are in a constant state of unpredictable flux. Here’s what I hope for with this blog:

  1. each posting will be better than the one before
  2. to gain new awareness of variety of unrelated topics
  3. to enter into a dialogue with others reading this.

Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves.

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